Community Response to COVID-19 – Staying Positive

Community Response to COVID-19 |  Staying Positive

Self Help Wellbeing Guide

With Coronavirus COVID-19 it feels like we’re in uncharted waters, and for us all it’s a little bit scary.

It’s been made all the more real and unsettling because we’re now faced with ‘social distancing’, ‘stay at home’ restrictions and for those with COVID-19 symptoms (or in the same household of those with symptoms) ‘self-isolation’ – which unfortunately means removing ourselves from our usual social circles and support networks.

We’ve been thinking about how we can support each other over the challenging days, weeks and months ahead and also how we can contribute to the ‘Community Response’ from the voluntary and community sector.  To support this initiative we’ve adapted our ‘ways to wellbeing’ approach, to think about how that might be applied to the home setting – helping those now confined to their homes and who may become at risk of social isolation.

It’s a prompt to help ourselves survive the mental challenges of being confined to our homes for long periods – and still stay positive.

Searching for Silver Linings – next post, coming soon

As well as providing this Self Help Wellbeing Guide (below), I’ve also started to reflect on the broader implications of the pandemic outbreak.  Whilst things seem bleak, within my next blog/post I want to explore what might actually end up being a ‘silver lining’ to what seems to be the rather dark cloud we face at present.