Fascinating Finds e-Book

At Human-Nature we’re always intrigued by what we discover on our walks in the landscape.

We often come across found objects or land features that intrigue us, and end up leaving the walk with a bit of homework.  We often need to do a bit of follow-up research to unearth fascinating facts about our finds.

It’s a great way to learn and discover more about what we find, or the environments we find ourselves in.  We then enjoy sharing our new found knowledge with the rest of the group.

This enjoyment of finding nature’s wonders and discovering interesting facts about our finds has become the theme for this e-book, where we invited people from up and down the UK (and even a couple overseas) to join us in this e-book quest.

Many thanks to those that shared their fascinating find images and facts and made the co-creation of our latest digital wellbeing resource possible.  Like with our other ‘free-to-read’ e-books, feel free to share them with friends, family, work colleagues and local community groups and healthcare organisations as a wellbeing support and learning tool – or just for fun!


 * Note: Flip books are best viewed in ‘double page’ mode often the themes of opposing pages are linked – press ‘…’ on the book’s menu bar to invoke the ‘double page’ option.  Page size can be adjusted using the zoom function within the menu bar.

Copyright Note:  All individual photo images contained in this e-book remain the copyright of the originator and must not be copied or replicated without their permission.  The e-book itself is copyright of Human-Nature Escapes CIC.

We hope to continue to produce further new e-book titles in due course, each with a different nature, landscape, creative or environmental wellbeing themes.  By this approach we hope to engage many more people with our project and as ‘Friends with Human-Nature.  Who knows our next contributor could be you!