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greenspacescapes is our brand for using nature and local landscapes for ‘green exercise’ – getting out of the gym and into the landscape. 


Our activity leaders deliver learning experiences, outdoor activities and physical exercise within our finest local green spaces, engaging participants actively with the landscape and natural environment to improve their social, physical and emotional wellbeing:

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Designed to embrace the Ways to Wellbeing our services are different.  We don’t just talk and inform about the ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ – we act.  We actively deliver experiences which tick every box, simultaneously addressing all aspects of the ‘ways to wellbeing’, but we do this in our own unique way – using ‘nature’!

Using the proven health benefits that access to nature and green spaces brings, we help people stay well and resilient, so preventing ill-health and promoting health creation and positive wellness.

Whether it be within the business workplace, within community, or at a more personal individual level.  If you’re looking to improve your own wellbeing, achieve a better work-life balance, just stay fit and well, or perhaps even be inspired to explore your own creativity using the great outdoors, then this is the place for you.

We supply all the necessary instruction, guided supervision and equipment.


There are numerous ways to get involved, either as an individual as a participant, or as a group of individuals as a community group or corporate business team:

  • wellbeing programmes – regular activities to stay fit and well.
  • green exercise – regular outdoor activities to enjoy with friends or colleagues, perhaps over lunchtime, after work, or at the weekend.
  • team building events  for business teams, community groups, or sports teams wanting to do something different or a little more creative.
  • office escapes and away days – a great way to add value to your team and add social value to a community project too.
  • employee assistance and return to work programmes – via occupational health referrals, G.P. referrals or social prescribing.
  • workplace wellbeing – educational programmes, ideal for businesses wanting to implement wellbeing systems and standards like the BITC Workell Model, Investors in People Health and Wellbeing Framework, or Workplace Wellbeing Charter.


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