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thescapeartists is collaborative network artists and creatives, using nature or landscapes to inspire their work, and then using their artwork to inspire the wellbeing of others.

Within this website we provide slideshow galleries (our online gallery space) and provide opportunities to promote and showcase artists’ work.  In doing so, as a result of art sales, it helps to fund activities which support the wellbeing of other individuals.  Whether you’re a landscape or nature photographer, a land based eco-artist, a painter, a poet or a writer and willing to show some ‘Human-Nature’, then please do Contact Us.

It’s proven, just by viewing scenes of nature as photographic images, it can lower blood pressure, have a calming and healing effect, and improve our sense of wellbeing.  So why not take some time to browse around and enjoy our photo slideshow galleries, it may just inspire you to get out outdoors and be more creative – and who knows it may just be good for your health!

If you see an artists work you like, then some of the artwork is available for sale as framed photographic prints, with a proportion of the sale value supporting our health and wellbeing work.  As thescapeartists we’re also always creatively thinking up innovative ways to achieve wellbeing, both to nurture human wellbeing, or to give the wellbeing of nature a helping hand.



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As thescapeartists we share one or two things in common.  We are all artists and creatives with a love of landscape, nature and green spaces and use this within our work and trust in its therapeutic value – we believe it’s helpful to our own wellbeing and by sharing our images and artwork, we believe it can be helpful to others too.

Capturing and viewing the resulting photos can be therapeutic, it can reduce stress and promote positive feelings of wellbeing, especially if the subject is natural scenes, landscapes or wildlife.  It’s this type of thinking we subscribe to – it certainly seems to work for us!

Please do take some time to enjoy the slideshow galleries.

Please do contact us to find out how we can help you use these images in hospital, healthcare, community, educational and workplace environments. We think they’re particularly suitable for waiting and reception areas where it may be useful to convey a wellbeing message.  We can do this via framed images, digital displays, interactive electronic touch screens or by image projection onto walls i.e. no physical product.

Artists | Galleries

The following gallery slideshows can promote positive feelings of wellbeing.  They’re especially beneficial for those individuals without easy or ready access to nature (particularly residents and patients in healthcare and hospital environments).  Viewing electronic images of nature is however no substitute for the health and healing benefits of physically experiencing the great outdoors – it’s just no comparison to experiencing the real thing.  Taking time away from digital media and technology and enjoying the benefits of green spaces is important to human physical and emotional wellbeing.

Jake Cliffe
‘s Gallery Slideshows

Ruth Davey‘s Gallery Slideshows

Jacqui Symons‘ Gallery Artwork

Katrina Wilde’s Gallery Artwork


Aspiring Artists | Galleries

We invite other aspiring, emerging or established artists to showcase their work with us – especially artists who use nature and landscape themes in their work.   We would additionally welcome any possible donations of artwork from artists, either digital images for use within our therapeutic slideshows, or artwork suitable for installations within healthcare and hospitals.