Human-Nature - Notice

Notice |  the place and around you

By being curious of the world around you, being aware of what you are feeling and reflecting on your experiences, helps you to appreciate what matters to you.   Noticing what’s happening in your environment, remarking on the unusual, or paying attention to what’s changing with the seasons, are examples of ways we can savour and appreciate the present moment and what’s happening right now.   We live in the present, but can get too caught up in over-thinking about the past or worrying about the future, then miss out on living now.


Photo – A spot of nature watching (and noticing) on a ‘Natter in Nature’ walk to Dimmingsdale


Modern living can be hectic and often we just don’t give ourselves time to pause,  to catch sight of something beautiful , or to appreciate and reflect on our environment, and our place within it.   Whilst we enjoy taking an occasional holiday to a new place or a beautiful landscape, we often overlook the opportunity to enjoy what’s readily available on our own doorstep.    Just taking a different route to work, going for a walk at lunchtime or visiting a park or local countryside can help us enjoy what is available around us.

As a group we’ve also found that appreciating not only our local natural landscapes, but also our local heritage and industrial landscapes can give a ‘sense of place’ and more importantly a ‘sense of belonging’, which we think is important for our ‘sense of wellbeing’.