‘Poetry in Motion’ eBook

Poetry in Motion – Co-create a New eBook with ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ 

Over the past four years or so, our ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ walking group have taken steps towards some poetry writing, as and when the mood takes. 

Sometimes our journeys through the local landscape will speak to us, and the rhythmic and repetitive act of walking seems to spur our creativity — inspiring us to capture what we’ve experienced in words (or pictures).  At other times we simply just chat and walk, with no pressure to create – we just ‘Natter in Nature’ (as we like to call it).

However now, with multiple nature and landscape themed poems under our belt, we thought now might be the right time to reflect back on the poems we’ve written and to share them wider.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Strangers Now Friends


The above ‘Strangers Now Friends’ poem captures the essence of our walks and how our friendships have grown and been sustained over this time.  We still remain a relatively small close-knit walking group, and of course like many other groups, we had to curtail our face-to-face activities over the pandemic period, but it feels great to be back ‘out there’ now.

The COVID situation hasn’t all been negative though.  As a group we kept in touch weekly over Zoom, trialling some on-line creativity, and exploring connecting to new people further afield digitally.  In fact over the pandemic period, we had some success in reaching out much wider, to others who share our love of nature, landscape and outdoors, and who came together from all 4 corners of the UK to share their own pictures and inspiring words, helping us to co-create 2 digital wellbeing e-books — ‘A Moment’s Notice’ & ‘Uplifting Angels’

We’ve found this on-line approach, using the power of technology and social media has been a great way to connect to many more people than we ever could have face-to-face, with just our local group walks.

So we wondered whether we can take this collaborative digital approach one step further, with a new e-book combining people’s photos and poetry verse as ‘Poetry in Motion’.  A mash-up of what we have written as a friends group, with some new poems from an ever-increasing circle of ‘Friends with Human-Nature’.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Poetry in Motion


The theme ‘Poetry in Motion’ has been borrowed from a poem written on one of our early walks, which we think captures the essence of ‘poetry walking’ — letting the landscape and surroundings to inspire us creatively as we pass through it. 

Essentially the aim is to create a collection of poems super-imposed over photo images themed around ‘journeys’ or ‘movement’ through nature, landscape, places, or even journeys through time or life (life’s journey).


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Poetry in Motion eBook


With our images and poetry we don’t profess to be professional photographers or wordsmiths, but hopefully we give everyone the confidence to have a go, get out there, and experiment. 

We’ve found so far that with our e-books as a collaborative piece of work, often a kind of magic seems to happen — as different people’s ideas combine and spark creativity which builds together.  Things naturally seem to fall into place.  We seem to manage to create something satisfying, something that both individual contributors, and we as a collective group of co-creators are really proud of.

This ‘co-created’ approach seems to give people individual personal pleasure in capturing the places they know and love, and they feel proud in sharing their work.  In turn, we really enjoy pulling these e-books together and from the feedback, they bring pleasure, relaxation and inspiration to those viewing them too.

By this approach, we achieve multiple layers of beneficiaries, work together on a creative piece alongside people from across the country who we may never meet, but together we produce an important digital wellbeing resource which we all enjoy making and love sharing.


Put Pen to Paper – Put ‘Poetry in Motion’

If you’d like to put pen to paper, or words to pictures, either as a previous contributor, or as a new one, we’d love to hear from you.

This can be done by sharing on social media @HNEscapesCIC (tagging #PoetryInMotion & #NatureFun), by direct messaging us or emailing us (or using the website contact form).  We can’t promise to include them all, but would certainly like to include a good selection which fit with the themes, and add an extra dimension, variety, or something new to those poems we’ve managed to pen ourselves.  

Happy ‘poetry walking’ and ‘poetry writing’ – and have some #NatureFun!  

(Don’t forget an appropriate photo image would be helpful too).