About |  human-nature escapes cic

Human-Nature Escapes is a new and innovative community interest company (cic).

Our unique social mission is to use the therapeutic power of nature as a means to ‘escape’ – and to inspire a sense of wellbeing.

We aim to do this through our two HumanNature brands:


All our work is underpinned by our unique ‘nature’ spin on the evidence based Ways to Wellbeing – which we call ‘Nature’s Ways To Wellbeing’:

To which we’ve uniquely added ‘be creative’

…then of course we just add nature!


What We Do | why it’s needed

We are a ‘profit for purpose’ (not for profit) social enterprise.

We tap into the therapeutic power of nature to promote physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Through our own ‘lived experience’ of wellbeing recovery, we believe we’re well placed to help others gain similar benefits from access to nature, green exercise and outdoor creative art experiences as a therapeutic intervention – and a means to stay well.   We use local high quality green spaces and the wider natural environment to help inspire a renewed sense of wellbeing.

There is proven positive correlation between natural green space and human physical and mental wellbeing.  However, regrettably, this is seldom reflected in health care policies, planning guidelines or economic strategies.  This is despite strong evidence that green spaces can improve life expectancy and at the same time decrease many health complaints and increase positive feelings of wellness.

The combination of natural green space, with its opportunities for social interaction, outdoor experiences and green exercise can be a very cheap and sustainable way of preventing public health problems.

We’re doing our bit to show this really works (it certainly works for us!) – and hope longer term community ‘health creation’ initiatives like ours will be under new funding streams like ‘social prescribing’.

In any event, fresh air, physical exercise, pleasant surroundings and distraction from troubling thoughts can’t possibly be bad for you, can it?


If you, or someone you know would benefit from our services or activities, and lives in the Staffordshire, area then Contact Us!


(The photographs throughout this website are all our images, taken by us through our personal journeys and experiences with Human-Nature – please visit the galleries to appreciate how, by just viewing scenes of nature, it can give an improved sense of wellbeing).