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As thescapeartists we share one or two things in common.  We are all aspiring artists with a love of landscape, nature and green spaces and use this within our work and trust in its therapeutic value – we believe its helpful to our own wellbeing and by sharing our images and artwork, we believe it can be helpful to others too.

Just capturing and viewing the resulting photos can be therapeutic, reduce stress and promote positive feelings of wellbeing, especially if the subject is natural scenes, landscapes or wildlife – and its this type of thinking ‘thescapeartists’ subscribe to – it certainly seems to work for us!

Please take some time to enjoy the slideshow galleries below.

Please do contact us to find out how we can help you use these images in hospital, healthcare, community, educational and workplace environments. Particularly suitable for waiting and reception areas where it may be useful to convey a wellbeing message, we can do this via framed images, digital displays, interactive electronic touch screens or by image projection onto walls.

Therapeutic Photography | See things differently

Therapeutic Photography is a ‘photo image’ based activity which can either be carried out by a sole individual, or can be done as part of a wider organised group activity or one-off project event.  The experience of taking the actual images is deemed therapeutic, but no formal therapy takes place as no trained counsellor is involved.  The secondary process of selecting, arranging, viewing and sharing the captured photo images can also be an enjoyable and social activity, improving wellbeing, building new friendships and so reducing possible social isolation/exclusion.  With relatively cheap digital cameras and smartphones available nowadays, it is a widely accessible, instant and easy way for people to enjoy being creative.   Let us know if we can help you to use therapeutic photography as an organised therapeutic activity or an educational workshop i.e. using our expertise and equipment.

Framed prints of our Resident Artists images are also available to the general public – they of course make beautiful gifts for the home!

Resident Artists | Galleries

The gallery slideshows provided within this menu can be therapeutic and promote positive feelings of wellbeing.  They’re especially beneficial for those individuals without easy or ready access to nature (particularly residents and patients in healthcare and hospital environments).  Viewing electronic images of nature is however no substitute for the health and healing benefits of the physical experience of the great outdoors – its no comparison to experiencing the real thing.  Taking time away from digital media and technology and enjoying the benefits of green spaces is important to human physical and mental wellbeing – please see our greenspacescapes events and activities pages for ideas about using green spaces for physical and creative outdoor activities, and how these could be used to improve your sense of wellbeing and provide a means to staying well.

Jake Cliffe

(additional artists to be added shortly)

Aspiring Artists | Galleries

We invite other aspiring, emerging or established artists to showcase their work with us.   We would additionally welcome any possible donations of artwork from artists, either digital images for use within our therapeutic slideshows or artwork for installations within healthcare and hospitals.