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Our website aims to connect people to nature as a means to escape – inspiring a sense of wellbeing.

Our unique ‘Nature’s Ways to Wellbeing’ approach, promotes good work-life balance and positive physical and emotional health, using our unique wellbeing formula:

art + landscape + nature + green exercise = wellbeing

Our project which started in 2015 (now without funding) is being refocused around creating a legacy for our work as a Community Interest Company (CIC).  The aim will be to provide an on-line creative community via this website, but we are no longer trading as a CIC.  By maintaining access to this website we hope to continue to inspire wellbeing through nature-connectedness and creativity, especially through our digital e-books as ‘virtual nature escapes’.  Who knows, we may create new additional e-books in future, or take our website in a different direction.  In the meantime for the remainder of 2023 we’ll continue in our community health champion role, with other local VCSE partners, plus continue to meet informally as an ongoing friends group.

We thank everyone for their support and friendship over the years, especially our advocates, participants/walking groups, our e-book contributors and our followers on social media.  Thanks also to the funders and social enterprise colleagues that did back us along the way.

We no longer offer face-to-face activities or services, so please don’t use the Contact Us form to enquire about face-to-face activities or services as sadly these can no longer be offered and can’t be responded to.

Click images below to find out more about our historical services and activities – which might provide creative and wellbeing inspiration to others. 

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Please look around our website and find out how your wellbeing can be ‘inspired by nature’.

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