Ways To Wellbeing

Ways To Wellbeing |  finding nature’s ways 


The ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ are a set of evidence based actions which promote personal health and wellness.  They are simple things that anyone (children, teenagers and adults) can do in their everyday life to maintain or improve their own health and wellness.

‘Nature’s Ways to Wellbeing’ is a unique ‘nature’ spin on that simple and easy to learn model, enhancing it to include the environment too. It provides simple ways to get outdoors into nature, for your own self-care and positive mental health, as well as doing your bit for the planet.


(‘Nature’s Ways to Wellbeing’ was developed by Human-Nature Escapes CIC, a local community interest company and their participants, who found social, physical and mental health benefits from getting outdoors and visiting local nature spaces and heritage places. This local group operated as a social enterprise between 2015 and 2023 and remain an informal local group of friends who continue enjoying meeting. Over this period, this local group also co-created a number of free-to-read digital wellbeing e-books together with their nationwide followers, using mindful nature photography, words and poetry. These wellbeing resources and e-books have now been donated to NS Mind as a legacy for the project and to help inspire self-care, wellbeing and positive mental health in others).