eBook | Everything, Without Everything Within 

Becoming an Artist |  A Recovery Journey In Pictures

by Jeremy Cliffe

This book represents the story behind human-nature escapes cic (and the collaboration thescapeartists).   It represents my personal recovery journey in my own words, supported by lyrics from a renown British rock band Magnum, based right here in the Midlands.  It’s a journey which has taken almost 6 years to complete, and in many respects it’s a journey still ongoing – it is a story still unfolding.

Hopefully it’s written in a creative writing style, with words of poetry provided through lyrics from Magnum, together with some of my own photographic images captured on walks and bike rides – some taken right here on our own doorstep, in and around Newcastle and Stoke area.  It is hopefully a piece of art in its own right.

Thanks to Tony Clarkin for copyright permissions to use the band’s lyrics.

Viewing this eBook on an iPad or tablet device will provide best clarity of text/images and allow zoom features to be enabled.  It may take some seconds to load as a flip book due to the image rich content.

(This book is not intended to offer any specific healthcare advice, it is purely an account of my own recovery journey and how I found benefit from using the ‘ways to wellbeing’, gaining improved physical exercise, and becoming more engaged in creative activities like photography.  Anyone experiencing any kind of emotional wellbeing issue should always seek advice and support from their GP or medical healthcare professional).

Lyrics reproduced with kind permission from Tony Clarkin of Magnum.