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Poetry Walking |  walking for inspiration

At school we learned certain rules for writing, but with poetry we’re granted a little creative permission to bend (and even break) those rules.  In so doing we can often add a extra spark of magic to the written word.  Using rhythm and rhyme we can animate the words, almost making them dance off the page – if we allow ourselves to use our own imagination.  

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Poetry Walks 2

We’ve discovered that there’s something about walking the landscape that fits in quite nicely with poetry.  Perhaps it’s that they both share that same sense of rhythm.  Maybe it’s the rhythmic action of walking that enhances the creative thinking process needed for poetry – so perhaps walking for inspiration and creative writing go hand in hand.

Take A Leaf Out Of Our Book |  why poetry?

We’ve found that poetry is an excellent way to convey our thoughts and feelings.  Even just a short poem, can be large on emotion.   

Capturing our feelings through our words, can connect us with sentiments that we might be struggling to communicate verbally. 

Taking the time to think and to talk to our inner self.   It can help us to release blocks in emotion, and perhaps unlock those things that we might struggle to express by talking to anyone else.  When we’re finding difficult to open up, perhaps poetry can be one of our best outlets to convey our feelings. 

We often communicate using metaphors.  Our everyday language is littered with metaphors, even though we don’t notice we’re doing it.   Metaphors are of course present in all forms of creative writing – but the magic of the metaphor is even more pronounced in poetry than in other forms of literature.  

With poetry we deliberately try to evoke quite complex imagery.  Poems paint pictures with words, and when written well, give an insight into the soul of the writer.  They convey the feelings of the writer to the reader – and those metaphors help us make comparisons emotively.  Often we can find it easier to convey what we’re thinking, or what we’re feeling, through a metaphor – especially the things that might be weighing on our minds, or may be heavy in our hearts.  

Walking For Inspiration |  poetry in motion

Often the world around us can provide inspiration – and sometimes help us to find those useful metaphors.  So a poetry walk in a natural or inspiring landscape, can sometime help us to find a way to convey the right words.

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Poetry in Motion 2

‘Poetry in Motion’ is our latest idea for engaging with the landscape – letting the landscape inspire us creatively, to write something as we walk.  

Research evidence does suggest that the rhythmic action of walking, combined with the fascination of being ‘out there’ in nature, can help people think more creatively.  So our poetry walks put this theory to the test.  

Why don’t you give it a go, and see what words come to you – see whether the landscape (or nature itself) speaks to you.

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Poetry in Motion 4

We’ve also decided that adding the photos taken during our walks is a good idea too.  They can make a useful backdrop on which to present the written words of poetry.  We live in a digital age, where attention times are shrinking and pictures sometimes speak louder than words – so including the photo image that may have inspired your words, can certainly help the process of conveying the poem to the reader in a creative way.  

A camera is also a useful way to document walk as a series of images, which might provide something to write about later, if the words don’t come to you there and then when walking.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Poetry in Motion 1

We do hope our poems work for you, and might inspire you to take a ‘poetry walk’ yourself.  Our advice is not to force the words, but to just enjoy being out there in the landscape – even if you come back with nothing at all.  Perhaps try the same walk again at a different time of the day or a different time of the year – or if that landscape doesn’t work for you, try a different one.  

We’re not so sure that our efforts warrant the rather grandiose title of ‘Poetry in Motion’ – implying moving along with some elegance and grace. We’re not accomplished poets (well not just yet), but we definitely think we’re onto something here, as an enjoyable wellbeing activity that combines the benefits of green exercise with a little creative expression.  

You don’t have to write a masterpiece.  Just see if it inspires you to ‘Be Creative’  if not just ‘Be Active’ and enjoy the walk!