‘Fascinating Finds’ eBook Project

Fascinating Finds |  New e-Book Project


Finding Nature’s Wonders

At Human-Nature we’re always intrigued by what we discover on our walks in the landscape.

We often come across found objects or land features that intrigue us, and end up leaving the walk with a bit of homework.  We often need to do a bit of follow-up research to unearth fascinating facts about our finds.

It’s a great way to learn and discover more about what we find, or the environments we find ourselves in.  We then enjoy sharing our new found knowledge with the rest of the group.

So we thought ‘Fascinating Finds’ might be a great concept for a new e-book project.


Image – Front cover of ‘Fascinating Finds’ eBook (showing chapter themes) – image credit @drpaulbarratt


Like our previous 3 ‘virtual nature escapes’ e-books, we’re inviting our followers and previous collaborators, plus any new ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ who might like to join in with contributions for the new book.

We thought this new project might also interest families and younger people — possibly even schools or student groups.  We’d also welcome help from any academic or teaching staff who might have specific knowledge and expertise in any of the chapter theme areas:

#FossilFinds, #ForestFinds, #FungiFinds, #FractalFinds, #FormationFinds, #PhenomenaFinds

We’re looking for contributions from people all around the UK, who enjoy exploring landscapes and willing to share with us what they find, plus what they discover from their own research, and what’s fascinating about their find.

We’re looking for good quality photo images taken in situ, which give a sense of intrigue, wonder, or indicate something that you found really fascinating, whether that be finding a fossil when beachcombing, stumbling across something unusual on the forest floor, clambering up an interesting rock formation, noticing something special in a nature pattern, or spotting something peculiar about the weather conditions.


Image – Example Page for ‘Fascinating Finds’ e-book – page credit @DavidStaGr


You can share your photo image and fascinating fact with us @HNEscapesCIC on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #FascinatingFinds.

We’ll share and retweet as many as we can, which might help you gain new like-minded followers.  We’ll choose a selection of the most intriguing images and most fascinating facts for inclusion in our new book.


Photo – Exploring Dragon’s Back (a limestone reef knoll, on the Derby Staffs border) – Photo credit @drpaulbarratt


Once we’ve got sufficient images to make a fascinating book, we’ll publish it.  It will be a co-created ‘free-to-read’ e-book, to be enjoyed by all who contributed, as well being available to share with new readers as a valueable information and wellbeing resource.

Happy exploring, finding and discovering!


The finished ‘Fascinating Finds’ e-book is now completed and was published on 1st May 2022, it appears under our ‘Virtual Nature Escapes’ tab, or click on the e-book cover above.