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Care |   about your planet

Believe it or not, looking after your community and caring for the world around us can improve our own sense of wellbeing.  Either as individuals at home, or within our communities and workplaces, we can make small (but ever increasing) changes in our lives to reduce our energy use and fuel consumption, or just re-use items, share equipment or recycling more.   By leaving the car at home for short journeys or by walking or cycling to work, it can also have benefits for our own health as well as that of the planet.  For longer journeys, by arranging car sharing we can save ourselves loads of money.   Simple things like purchasing low energy appliances and lighting and improving our home insulation all helps.  By reducing our footprints, we can all be taking small steps to a greener life.

Photo – ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ taking a litter picking walk through Trentham Golf Course en-route to Hanchurch Pools and Hills


Here at Human-Nature we’ve been busy designing a range of unique and innovative signage products which promote the use of car sharing and sustainable travel.  They encourage premises operators with car parks to create priority parking spaces for people car sharing (2+ people travelling together in one vehicle), people driving fuel efficient electric/hybrid vehicles or people travelling to work by bicycle.  All proceeds from the sale of this signage product will go to supporting our health and wellbeing initiatives.  They’re a great way for your business or organisation to show their ‘care’ for the health of the environment and the wider health of community.  Please see our ‘Projects’ page to find out more.