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Nordic Walking |  just a walk in the park?

Most of us can walk, right?  We’ve done it since about the age of two – so how hard can ‘walking with sticks’ really be?’  Well not that hard, but there is an important series of steps to learn to do it properly and achieve a good technique that will deliver optimum health benefits.  So NO, it’s not quite as simple as just ‘walking with sticks’ – but YES, if you can walk, you can of course be taught to Nordic Walk!


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nordic Walking


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Green Your Exercise |  why Nordic walking?

So why do we at Human-Nature think Nordic Walking is such a great form of ‘green exercise’?  Well, here is a summary of  just some of the health benefits:

  • It’s a form of ‘brisk walking’ – increases blood circulation and metabolism, burning significantly more calories than conventional walking
  • Good for weight loss and for combating obesity
  • Using the walking poles works the upper body, for a more complete whole body work out
  • Much kinder on the joints than jogging and running
  • Relatively low perceived effort – people tend not to feel any stiffness next day!
  • Great for those of us who don’t like going to the gym and prefer outdoor exercise
  • Can improve back health, posture and balance
  • Good training for the cardiovascular system, even just walking on flat terrain – so good for heart health
  • Believed to promote maintenance of bone density and lessen the onset of osteoporosis (a particularly important health concern for under-active females, especially the younger generation who are generally less active then earlier generations)
  • Potentially suitable for ages 8 to 80 years (subject to recommendation by your doctor).  It can be a great family or multi-generational sport and leisure activity
  • It’s social too – a great way to meet like-minded people
  • Helps to enhance mood – so get ‘walking back to happiness’.  Studies indicate improvements for levels of depression, anger, vigour, fatigue and mood.



What Participants Say |  testimonials

Regarding health benefits a recent newcomer to Nordic walking said:

“I have lost a stone in weight in four months and I have restored my blood pressure to normal again, and reduced my BMI.  My diabetes condition has now reduced to borderline.  I have not suffered any panic attacks since I took up Nordic Walking and this, together with walking my new dog, has helped me gain regular exercise once again.  My health has so much improved that I have come off medications for some of these conditions.”

Feedback from recent courses:

“A very professional course – well led and organised”.  (Apr ’17 course)

“I was apprehensive about doing Nordic walking, but had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with an excellent teacher – making it pretty certain that I will be taking it up as a pastime.  Would recommend highly for a stress relieving activity.  Video replay was a very good idea too!” (Apr ’17 course)

“Jake was a good tutor.  The pace of the class matched the ability of the students.  Good motivator, would recommend to others”.  (April ’17 course)

“Well designed and run course – very enjoyable.  Would welcome the opportunity to join organised leisure walks”.


“Partner and I feel great!  No aches or sore bits, raring to go again.  Many thanks for a great weekend.” (70+ year old couple)


Walk This Way |  learn to walk COURSES

We teach the International Nordic Walking INWA Technique, and have been qualified by British Nordic Walking.  The 10 step technique, which is to us seems the most technically advanced technique, covers all aspects right from good posture to a basic ‘wellbeing walk’ (steps 1 to 5), through to or a more technically advanced and demanding ‘fitness walk’ (steps 6 to 10) for those who want to push that little bit harder and again full fitness, strength and stamina benefits.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - I Am Team GB 3


We prefer to teach over a weekend, in an inspiring green space landscapes which promote more focused learning, teaching in 4 sessions (2 each day), with refreshments breaks between sessions.

We provide immediate video feedback on walk technique – you can view yourself walking and immediately work on improving your technique! We also use special equipment and a range of activities which help to learn and perfect each of the 10 steps and make it more even enjoyable.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nordic Walking Course at Keele

Because we choose only to use top quality venues, it’s more of a weekend break experience, than just learning a new way to walk.  We cater for single individuals, couples, family groups and teams in small groups (max of 10) – or if you prefer private tuition in smaller groups, we can organise that too.

Course Prices from £55 per person for a weekend course (includes pole hire).


Happy Feet |  regular WALKS

After completing the course you’re off and walking!

Join us for regular weekend (Saturday morning) or weekday (Thursday morning – Winter, evening – Summer) walks.  Walks are usually 1 hour duration and organised as ‘wellbeing walks’ to suit those just completing the course and who may want to gradually build their technique and fitness. On Saturdays we do often add an extra 1/2 hour for a slightly longer, faster ‘fitness walk’ for those who want to stretch their legs a little more.  Usually once a month we extend the Saturday morning walk to 2 hours for a longer landscape walk and include refreshments and a social chat at the end of the walk.

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Landscape Walk 6

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Landscape Walk 5     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Landscape Walk 7


We periodically brush up on technique, preventing walkers picking up any bad habits, and ensuring a good walk technique is maintained.

We only walk in the highest quality green landscapes for maximum wellbeing benefit, at various locations in and around the North Staffordshire (and South Cheshire) landscape, including Newcastle and Stoke-on-Trent and beyond.  Example venues and walk locations are detailed below.


Prices |  ‘Pre-Paid’ or ‘Pay As You Walk’



Weekend (or Weekday) Pre-Paid 3 Month Pass | £72  (equates to £6 per walk for 12 weekly walks)

Weekend (or Weekday) Pre-Paid 6 Month Pass | £132 (equates to £5.50 per walk for 24 weekly walks)

Pre-paying avoids sorting money (and change) out each time you walk – it’s easier and cheaper!



Weekend (or Weekday) Wellbeing Walk (1 hour + optional 1/2 hour fitness walk) | £7.50 

Weekend Saturday Morning Landscape Walk (2 hour includes refreshments) | £10 



Walk This Way – Learn to Walk Weekend Course (6 hours over 2 days, 6 hours total) | £55


Evidence shows that committing to regular exercise, forms a sustained habit after a period of time, with less likelihood to cease the activity.  We’ve structured our pricing to reduce the price for regular and sustained participation, enjoyment and health benefits.


Walk Locations |  the greenest VENUES

Dates and times will be confirmed via the Events Calendar – meeting location map references/post codes will be provided once you have joined our group.  Example locations are in and around the Stoke and Newcastle (North Staffs) district and include:

Etruria/Hanley (Central) 

Keele/Silverdale (West)

Kidsgrove/Church Lawton (North)

Stone/Aston (South)

Endon/Leek (East)




We aim to be different by walking in the very best green landscapes our area has to offer.

Men At Walk |  it’s not just for the ladies

Something we can’t quite get our head around here at Human-Nature is why Nordic walking seems to be more popular with the ladies than with men – so we thought we’d try and redress the balance.  So guys, come along and join us.

Nordic walking will soon become a competitive and fully recognised sport in its own right – so why not become one of the first and join us for a ‘walk out’.   It’s really great for the non-Lycra clad brigade, that either don’t like or just bored with the gym.  It’s also really good for those of us who feel that they have out-run their best at pounding the streets and their knees just can’t take that any more!  Studies have indicated that Nordic walking is as effective as jogging, but much kinder on the joints.  Also muscles tend not to feel any stiffness next day, unlike jogging.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nordic Walking on Canal Side     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - I Am Team GB 9


Your Instructor |  preparing to join us

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Landscape Walk 9     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Landscape Walk 8

Why not come along and join our British Nordic Walking qualified instructor – Jake Cliffe (seen here ‘pawdic walking’ with our Dalmatian mascot ‘Lola’).

All you’ll need is a pair of trainers with a good, deep treaded sole and suitable outdoor clothing for the weather conditions.  You don’t have to be super fit – as long as you can walk, you can Nordic walk!

(Please note that to join our walking group new walkers must have attended the training course – or an equivalent course with a qualified instructor).

Contact Us to join us Nordic walking.

Check our Events Calendar for our next course(s) and future walks.


Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (PARQ) forms need to completed ahead of participation – these just ask some basic health questions to check that you are sufficiently fit to participate (or if you are unsure, you can check with your G.P. or a Physio).

We currently don’t offer Nordic Walking for people under 18 years.



Put A Spring In Your Step |  2018 Nordic walking flyer

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nordic Walking Leaflet 2017 v2

Walking Back To Happiness |  walking your way to wellness

We would also be interested in talking to any organisations promoting good physical and emotional wellbeing.  Encouraging members of our communities and workplaces to be more physically active is becoming increasingly important, to relieve the cost burden of treating ill-health for our NHS.  We want to do our bit to ‘infect the NHS with wellness’ through the process of ‘health creation’ – where people take action themselves to preserve their own wellbeing.

Contact us if we can offer our services to your client groups who might like to try Nordic walking – even as a stress busting ‘Walking Lunch’!  We may be able to offer preferential rates for specific groups, including students or people wanting to Nordic walk to sustain health recovery and resilience.

We also offer Nordic Walking as a corporate team building event – where employees learn the Ways to Wellbeing, learn Nordic Walking, and come away feeling a stronger, happier and healthier team.