Human-Nature - Exercise

Exercise |  your body

Green (natural) or blue (water) places provide opportunities for getting physically active, which, on top of the physical fitness benefits, often gives better mental wellbeing through the release of endorphins – chemicals in the brain which actually help to give you an improved sense of happiness and wellbeing.   Nature spaces like our local parks, canal-sides and wider countryside are great for physical exercise and can improve our emotional state too.

Photo – A group of Nordic Walkers getting an all-body workout along the canal by Middleport Pottery


Getting outdoors into fresh air might be much better than going down to the gym – and provide a cheaper (no cost)  alternative?  We’re lucky here in North Staffordshire to have many wonderful city parks, country parks and canal tow paths, all within easy reach by a walk or a cycle ride. Often these have equipment like outdoor gyms or facilities for a range of sports and exercise activities as well as regular social, community and volunteer groups events and activities.