Words Escape Me e-book

Compiled over the summer and autumn of 2022, ‘Words Escape Me’ is our latest e-book and provides a peek at the favourite places we love to escape to, through words and pictures.

Again it’s a collaborative ‘free-to-read’ e-book which has been lovingly co-created by of ‘Friends of Human-Nature walking group based in Staffordshire and our wider and ever-growing circle of friends and followers further afield.


* Note: Flip books are best viewed in ‘double page’ mode often the themes of opposing pages are linked – press ‘…’ on the book’s menu bar to invoke the ‘double page’ option.  Page size can be adjusted using the zoom function within the menu bar.

Copyright Note:  All individual photo images in the e-book remain the copyright of the originator and must not be copied or replicated without their permission.  The e-book itself as a collection of images and text is the copyright of Human-Nature Escapes CIC.

Please feel free to share our digital wellbeing e-books with family, friends, work colleagues or support organisations with the aim of supporting improved ‘human & nature’s wellbeing’.  

Special  thanks to everyone who has contributed words and pictures to our e-books.  Together we’re creating (co-creating) a valuable wellbeing resource which is building into a comprehensive digital wellbeing library.

We couldn’t do this without your support, your beautiful images and thoughtful words — so a big ‘Thank You’ to all you talented nature lovers out there.

Look out for our future e-book projects and by all means get involved.  We’re always welcoming to new ‘Friends with Human-Nature.  Our next co-creator working alongside us, just might be you!