A Moments Notice e-book

During the pandemic we saw how people were drawn to nature and place — maybe for a sense of escape,  a sense of solace, or a sense of belonging?  We were intrigued by how people captured these moments through photography. 

Perhaps during COVID19 restrictions, people had more time and space to look and see the world around them, maybe in a different way?  They mindfully captured images from their lock-down lives in their homes, gardens, and local places and spaces —  often from a new angle, perspective or viewpoint.

Now, we’ve captured these mindful moments as a truly collaborative journal of images, plus the stories behind those photos and their meaning — as our shared journey.  We’ve captured this difficult moment in time for all of us, but hopefully in an openly shared and positive way —  to inspire wellbeing between us and among us. 

‘A Moment’s Notice’ is intended to be a whole year’s anthology of moments from the pandemic period, that people might have missed if they hadn’t had this lockdown time to notice.  


 * Note: Flip books are best viewed in ‘double page’ mode often the themes of opposing pages are linked – press ‘…’ on the book’s menu bar to invoke the ‘double page’ option.  Page size can be adjusted using the zoom function within the menu bar.

Copyright Note:  All individual photo images in the e-book remain the copyright of the originator and must not be copied or replicated without their permission.  The e-book itself as a collection of images and text is the copyright of Human-Nature Escapes CIC.

Please feel free to share our digital wellbeing e-books with family, friends, work colleagues or support organisations with the aim of supporting improved ‘human & nature’s wellbeing’.

Special  thanks to all those people throughout the UK who’ve contributed words and pictures to our e-books.  We couldn’t do this without you!  

Keep an eye on our social media platforms @HNEscapesCIC and this website section if you’d like to use your creative talents to help us co-create additional e-books — and have some more #NatureFun in the process!