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Learn |  to occupy your mind

Learning new things can make you feel more confident as well as being enjoyable.  Trying something new, or something you always wanted to do, or re-kindling an old interest can be a great way to stay mentally well.  Nature and the great outdoors provides lots of opportunities for lifelong learning and provides endless opportunities for activities, hobbies and interests – nature’s out there, so why not get out there!

Human-Nature Escapes - Nature Conservation Silverdale 1

Photo – Our Nature Conservation Volunteers joining other volunteers to do biodiversity surveys at Silverdale Country Park


We hope to find ‘friends with Human-Nature who may have specific experience, skills and interests in nature based creative activities or outdoor pursuits or have an in-depth knowledge of the natural world.  We’re looking for people who might be willing to join us as volunteers, advocates, or artists, and be willing to help others within our community to keep learning.   So if you live in or around Staffordshire and have some time to give, with skills to pass on in nature photography, wildlife watching, conservation work, natural history, horticulture, gardening,  garden design, environmental art, adventure sports or in leading outdoor pursuits or activities and would be willing to lend a hand, then please do get in touch on our Contact Us page.

(This Way to Wellbeing has been kindly supported by the School of Social Entrepreneurs (Midlands))