Virtual Escapes

Virtual Escapes – NatureFun |  ‘A Moment’s Notice’ e-Book

This mindful photography e-book has been collaboratively created by kind contributions from our supporters and followers as ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ — many of whom have gained a wellbeing or therapeutic benefit by contributing, and now enjoy sharing their images for the health benefit and enjoyment of others.

So sit back, relax, gently slow and deepen your breathing — take some mindful moments.  Take a break, and enjoy some NatureFun by playing your chosen selection e-book chapters from the menu below.

Transport yourself away to somewhere else, join us there, for a ‘Virtual Escape.   (You can expand the playing video to full screen, and pause if you need more time to read or focus on any one page).


There’s a very quick survey (6 quick questions) at the bottom of the page to gauge feedback.


The above slideshow video provides an introduction and instructions for any further contributions to the e-book.  The chapters slideshow videos below show the mindful photo images and stories contributions, from all parts of the UK.


 Chapter 1  #LookUp 

 Chapter 2  #LookDown 

 Chapter 3  #LookFarAndWide 

 Chapter 4  #LookClose  

 Chapter 5  #LookBack

 Chapter 6  #LookForward

We are happy to consider further submissions to this e-book – thank you for your fabulous contributions so far!


Survey Feedback |  ‘A Moment’s Notice’ e-Book

We’d very much value some very quick feedback from contributors and readers/viewers of our e-book ‘A Moment’s Notice’ .  Just 6 questions which would take just a few minutes of your time:

Thank you.