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Meet The Artists |  thescapeartists team

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We are always eager to here from aspiring and established artists, particularly those who use nature within their work, or artists using nature inspired art to support either their own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of others.

Below are the local and regional artists already on board with our project and who form part of our artists’ callaboration – thescapeartists.

We would also be especially interested in working with people personally touched by, or with ‘lived experience’ of emotional wellbeing issues, especially those willing to share their experiences, recovery journeys and willing to join with us in helping to break stigma – let’s try and do our bit to reduce mental health discrimination.  So do let us know if art, nature, or green exercise forms an essential part of your ongoing wellbeing resilience – we always looking for stories that help promote what we do, especially the positive outcomes and preventive health benefits that connecting with nature can often have.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Jake Cliffe Photo

Jeremy (Jake) Cliffe | landscape and found object art | therapeutic photography | wellbeing space design | creative problem solving



Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Jacqui Symons in Show Garden

Jacqui Symons | artist and designer | nature printing | mosaics | origami | garden design | community arts project manager



Human-Nature Escapes CIC -Katrina Wilde Profile Photo

Katrina Wilde | student designer | surface pattern design | textile design | screen and digital print | line drawing



Jon French

Jon French | master craftsmen | pottery craft ambassador | hand thrown pottery | fine art painting | ceramic and canvas portraits | commissions