the why

Human-Nature |  the why? 

We all want to feel well.  We all want to ‘think better’ and ‘feel better’.  Our wellbeing equates to our overall happiness – it’s as simple as that.  Through our own experience, we’ve found a simple formula that works well for our own wellbeing:


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Our Wellbeing Formula

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By escaping to nature, and by adding ‘green exercise’ and ‘arts for wellbeing’ activities, we seem to find the space we need.  It allows us to experience improved wellbeing.  It’s a simple formula – but it works for us!


Think Better, Feel Better |  how are you today?

No, really, how are you today?  How well are you really feeling – and how well are you really thinking?

For all of us, there are times in our lives when we say we’re ok – but if we’re truly honest, we’re not ok.  We’re really not thinking or feeling that well.

Here at Human-Nature we know that feeling.   We’ve been there.

But through our own experience we do know what works for us.  We’ve found positive ways to help ‘escape’ that thinking and those feelings – and to recover our sense of wellbeing.  We’ve found ways to keep ourselves resilient and well, both physically and emotionally.   The solution is out there!


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Think Better Feel BetterWe find ‘escaping’ into green spaces provides us with the positive inspiration that we need.  It helps us ‘think better’ and ‘feel better’ – and can help turn those grey skies to blue.

It works for us, can we get ‘nature’ working for you too?