Staffordshire Fire – Staff Health Day & Workplace Wellbeing

Staffordshire Fire & Rescue |  Staff Health Days & Workplace Wellbeing

Here’s a selection of photos from the Staff Health Day events at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue HQ in Stone – where Human-Nature Escapes CIC showcased what we have to offer for business teams and staff health initiatives.

The Health Days featured a number of guest speakers with the aim of helping staff feel happier, healthier and more highly motivated.  The events took place on 18th November (Men’s Health Day) and 2nd December (Women’s Health Day).

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Staffordshire Fire & Rescue 1

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Staffordshire Fire & Rescue 2

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Staffordshire Fire & Rescue 3

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Staffordshire Fire & Rescue 4

We presented a taster of our ‘inspired by nature’ services, like green exercise (Nordic Walking) and therapeutic art activities (Pottery Throwing with nature decoration with one of thescapeartists – Jon French).  Our services not only promote better community wellbeing, but can support workplace wellbeing too.

Workplace health and wellbeing is an important issue – it’s been shown that caring for employee wellbeing can result in massive improvements in employee engagement, much less presenteeism (being present at work but not being fully present and performing your best) – which in turn can lead to better motivation and increased productivity.

We believe that we are well placed to also help individual employees return to work and stay resilient and well after a period of absence from work through stress, depression of anxiety.  We think our approach ties neatly with the Fire Service’s excellent ‘OurBlueLight’ initiative, which is also being supported by mental health charity Mind.   This separate initiative supports all emergency service personnel – who like any other workforce, can experience mental wellbeing issues.  Whilst our emergency services do a wonderful job, they are not ‘super-heroes’, and a uniform can’t protect them from common mental wellbeing issues – these can affect anybody, from any walk of life.

Each health day included keynote speakers, including information relevant to Men’s and Women’s health on the relevant days.  A number of other suppliers will be showcasing too – including our partner 4MeHealth & Fitness (who already provide services to the Ambulance Service).