Snap For Heroes – Uplifting Angels

Snap For Heroes |  ‘Uplifting Angels’ – Landscape Photography e-Book Project

Following the success of ourA Moment’s Notice Mindful Photography e-Book Project, we’re launching a brand new photography initiative — using landscape photography images to send uplifting photo messages of support and thanks to our NHS staff and other key workers.  Instead of ‘clap for heroes’ – it’s ‘snap for heroes’!

We’re looking to be engage amateur photographers and natural landscape lovers up and down the country, to help and collaborate with this initiative.  Together, through photos, we hope to capture the therapeutic benefits of our favourite UK landscapes – then send them as uplifting messages of gratitude to our key workers.

It’s our collaborative way of saying thanks — and uplifting our Angels!


We’ll also be collating the best of your photo message images as an e-book and as therapeutic slideshows, which may offer some comfort and stress relief to those NHS staff and other key workers, especially those working hard on the front line of fighting the COVID pandemic.


You might already have some inspiring and uplifting landscape photos, you’ve gathered already over the pandemic period, or you can capture some new images – * see note below.  You might want to take this opportunity to thank family or friends who are key workers you’re proud of, a group of key workers who you admire, or a specific local hospital, care home, school or other key worker service serving your local community.


*** Please ensure you comply fully with the latest national and local Coronavirus restrictions – only gather new images as part of your allowable daily exercise and remember to stay local, stay safe and socially distanced.  ***


(Special thanks to @Kendie, whose photo image appears on the front cover and helped inspire the title of this project and e-book.)