Park Ratings

Parks Ratings |  valuing spaces for wellbeing

Here’s an explanation of our rating system.  We’ve rated local parks against our 7 ‘Nature’s Ways To Wellbeing’, and how parks contribute to aspects of wellbeing :

e Escapes CIC - Ways to Wellbeing

Plus 3 other aspects including:

Cost Logo   Value (e.g. entry charges/free parking etc).

Upkeep Logo   Upkeep (e.g. litter free/well maintained).

Secure Logo   Secure/Feeling safe (e.g. free from anti-social behaviour).

Each of the 10 aspects will be rated against their wellbeing benefit:

***** 1 = little/no benefit

***** 2 = low benefit

***** 3 = average benefit

****4 = good benefit

***** 5 = excellent benefit

5 = high wellbeing benefit, giving a total mark out of 50.  We covert the score out of 50 to an overall percentage ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ Score (max 100%).


Our rating are only a guide to the wellbeing value we see in each park.  We know that different people will see (and feel) different things of value in their local parks, and may have a park which is particularly special to them.  We believe all parks and green spaces have value, our aim is to get that value recognised, such investment in parks for community ‘health creation’ is sustained.