Nick Dutton (Advocate)

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nick Dutton

Nick Dutton |  give (spirit) advocate

I have been a mental health professional with the NHS for 27 years, first as an occupational therapist, then more recently as a cognitive behavioural therapist.  I have worked in acute and community settings, but now plan to retire in March 2017.

As well as having experience of working with people who have mental health problems I have had direct experience of depression since the loss of my wife Ann to breast cancer in 2014.  So involvement with Human-Nature Escapes CIC is therapeutic for me, as well as being a way to help others with stress ­related conditions.  Ann too would have taken an interest in the project, being a painter of watercolours featuring the natural world; they are amongst my proudest possessions.  Life has been made bearable by our two fantastic children, Richard and Izabella.   Kylie, the world’s most laid­-back dog, completes the family.

In my spare time I am a writer of somewhat misanthropic science fiction stories.  I have a long-standing interest in science, especially evolution, and have completed three Open University science courses.  Like founder Jeremy Cliffe, I love music – and we must surely have been at some of the very same Magnum gigs, back in our youth.  My favourite artist is Peter Hammill, whom you either ’get’ or you don’t, with no real middle ground (but my kids hate him!).  I look forward to being part of the successful growth of Human-Nature in the months and years to come.