NatureFit Self Care Wellbeing Guide

NatureFit ‘Self Care Wellbeing Guide’ |  Staying Positive

As we enter a second lockdown period, we thought we’d update and re-publish our ‘Self Care’ Wellbeing Guide (below) on how to use nature and our ‘Nature’s Ways to Wellbeing’ methodology – to help maintain your own wellbeing in these challenging times.

In many respects this second lockdown comes at a time when people can tend to feel a bit lower, as the nights draw in and we generally get less sunshine and daylight hours.  Despite this challenge, hopefully our revised guide will help you make the most of nature in and around your home, and give some inspiration to get outdoors when you can – helping you to maintain your own positive mental health.

I guess we should all draw comfort from the fact that we got through an extended lockdown earlier in the year and we came through the other side –  this too will pass.  

In the meantime let’s find ways to stay strong and stay safe.


Look Out for ‘NatureFun’ |  Virtual Escapes

As we’re unable to provide face-to-face wellbeing activities at the moment we’re also working hard to produce some NatureFun creative wellbeing activity instructions, guides and videos (as #VirtualEscapes).

Check out our social media feeds @HNEscapesCIC and look out for future posts on our website.  They’ll have seasonal themes, and can be used independently, or by other community groups (as well as our own), expanding our reach beyond the Staffordshire and Cheshire area – finding new ‘Friends with Human-Nature.

All we ask is that you maybe give them a like, give us a follow, and share with your friends and community/business networks.  Let’s help each other stay well during lockdown.