Finding Our Place – Space for Human-Nature

Finding Our Place |  Space for human-nature

Over the past few months we’ve been searching for a place we could call home – finding space for human-nature.  Somewhere where we’d feel at home and our participants would too.  We promised to find the very best and most therapeutic local landscapes – and we think we’ve found them!


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Keele 1     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Keele 6     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Keele 2

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nova Centre     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Home Farm Complex Keele     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Sustainability Hub Courtyard Garden 


We are delighted to announce that we will be the first ‘social enterprise’ to take up space at the Nova Centre Keele, a beautiful old farmhouse building, where our office will be based.  It sits alongside Home Farm which is Keele’s Sustainability Hub – an equally beautifully converted barn within a courtyard garden setting, with loads of indoor activity space suitable for our arts and creativity workshops which will be run by thescapeartists.

It’s all set in the green Keele University campus, with ready access to woodland walks, shady pools and wider open countryside to the rear of the historic Keele Hall.  We think it will be ideal for when we take art experiences for a walk into the landscape – and of course great for our greenspacescapes green exercise activities too.  Keele’s on the edge of Newcastle town centre and also not far from the city centre of Stoke, and we think it’s a great initial base for our new start-up.

That’s not the only exciting bit of news.  We’ve also found our second home – in the stunning grounds of the Trentham Gardens Estate – what nicer landscape could you ask for so close to Stoke?  We’ve been granted special permission to run some of our activities from what is arguably the best, most relaxing and most restorative landscape in our area.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Trentham Image 5     Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Trentham Image 2     Human-NaturHuman-Nature Escapes CIC - Trentham Gardense Escapes CIC - Trentham Image


Within these two landscapes we know our clients will feel safe and welcomed.  What’s more the quality of these landscape will truly inspire health, wellbeing and creativity – nurturing our clients making recovery and maintaining resilience a ‘pleisure’.  Why shouldn’t achieving health recovery, maintaining wellness and preventing ill-health be a pleasing and enjoyable leisure activity?  We aim to make it so.

Can we just take this opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to the team at Keele including Lucy and Kylie at the Nova Centre, plus Sharon, Alison and Jordan at the Hub for helping us make arrangements for making Keele our base.  Also many thanks to the folk down at Trentham – Amanda, Kelly, Carol and Ben for their support and interest in our project too – we look forward to working with you all.   On behalf of our future participants and clients, thanks for making this possible!

Thanks too, to everyone who came along to our ‘Escape’ launch event at the Hub – it was great meeting so many people genuinely interested in our project and and wishing us well.  Each visitor seemed to have their own unique reason for being there, but all seemed to share an understanding of our ethos of ‘nature inspired wellbeing’.  (We’ll add a new post about the success of our event and feature some of the artwork created very shortly).

Special thanks to David Emley – Keele’s resident natural history expert, who came with handfuls of leaf selections from Keele’s Arboretum, allowing are artists and visitors to get cracking on nature printed artwork.

Thanks also to those who have followed us as we launched ourselves onto Twitter, especially those who helped publicise our launch.   (More social media coming soon).