Katrina Wilde

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Katrina Wilde | student designer | surface pattern design | textile design | screen & digital print | line drawing

About me | drawing inspiration 

Katrina is a surface pattern designer originally from Stoke-on-Trent, but currently based in Manchester, UK.  She has recently completed her degree at Manchester School of Art, where she studied Textiles in Practice, specialising in printed textile design (BA (Hons)) and graduated with first class honours.

She loves drawing and designing prints, but feels that she is still searching for her own individual mark and definitive style within her work.

Katrina’s family have strong family ties to Bulgaria, so speaks fluent Bulgarian in addition to English, and is also currently studying French.  These different cultural influences are often visible throughout the work.

Using a mix of screen and digital printing, Katrina puts emphasis on using sustainably sourced materials wherever possible.  As well as using sustainable fabrics, she enjoys experimenting with natural dyeing methods to prepare grounds for screen printing.  Drawing is however always a starting point for her designs and is carried on throughout projects.

When not in the studio, she can be often be found in museums, cafés and vintage shops, or at the park with her dog ‘Django’.  She loves travelling and finds inspiration through visiting different cities, recently returning from a trip to New York.  This reflects her love of meeting new people and visiting new places.