Jon French

Jon French

Jon French | master craftsman | pottery crafts ambassador | hand thrown pottery | fine art painting | ceramic and canvas portraits | commissions

About me | making something from nothing

After 29 years at Wedgwood I have now decided to go it alone making my own pottery and using my skills as a fine art painter on both ceramic and canvas.  This is also bringing new opportunities to work collaboratively with other local artists and designers, including the artists’ collaboration           thescapeartists.  I have often used nature themes within my work, like leaf printing as a form of decoration.  I am really excited about working with Human-Nature to develop other forms of pottery craft and clay work to capture impressions from nature and our local landscapes.

I have always loved working with clay – it is so rewarding making something from nothing and just to keep producing pots.  It is why I came to Stoke-on-Trent in the first place.  I still retain a real passion for our local history and preserving our proud heritage of pottery making in North Staffordshire.  Over the years it has opened up lots of new opportunities for me, from doing demonstrations as a Master Craftsman in the high end department stores of London, to far-flung places like the Middle East, the Far East, China, Australia and the Caribbean – and even a stint on the QEII!  I love being an ambassador for pottery making and prolonging our proud heritage – and now really enjoy teaching other local people and the visiting public the skills, art and sheer enjoyment of pottery making.  I feel that I am doing my bit to keep our world famous industrial heritage and our local creative skills alive, and now passing my enthusiasm on to the next generation.

I am also eager to design and develop my own unique range of more modern and contemporary pottery designs, as well as to continue to take on commissions for bespoke and personal pieces, as traditional painted pottery and portraits.