Finding Our People – Artists make their escape

We Are Finding Our People | Artists make their escape

Here at human-nature we are now thrilled to announce that we’re are finding our collaborating artists.  Each will bring their own unique experience and talent as independent artists, but all willing to share the human-nature ethos and values and join our exciting new collaboration  – thescapeartists.

Our artists will generate the ‘creative spark’ behind our new venture.   Joining us as our ‘ideas’ people, our artists have a wealth of experience as independent designers, creative innovators and imaginative problem solvers capable of delivering stunning artworks in their own right, but collectively by coming together as a group have extensive experience of:

  • collaborative arts projects, including community engagement
  • facilitating group based art experiences and workshops just for the pleasure of ‘being creative’
  • helping people who don’t consider themselves creative to tap into and realise their latent creative potential
  • nurture individuals to express their own creativity in an ‘arts for wellbeing’ capacity

What’s unique about our group is that we ourselves all use combinations of art, nature and the great outdoors as a form of ‘escape’.  We’ll often be found disappearing into the landscape to recharge our own batteries and to find our artistic inspiration.  No doubt you’ll spot that nature thread woven throughout our work.

We also share a firm belief that getting outdoors and using the environment in a creative way supports our own wellbeing – and we believe we can help others do this too.  A number of our team have in some way been personally touched by emotional wellbeing issues, either directly ourselves, or through someone close to us.  Perhaps this is no real surprise, because at some time in our lives, each and every one of us (or someone close to us), will experience some form of emotional distress.   It is an ever growing problem, but we feel that through our own ‘lived experience’ that we have found and can now share our solution.

As well as our core group ‘thescapeartists’ – comprising of Jacqui, RuthJon and Jake,  we’ll also be introducing some fresh new talent – starting with student designer Katrina who will be offering her support for our project as a newly qualified graduate.

Throughout 2016 we’ll  be busy engaging our artists in developing a range of activities, events, short courses and projects which will be aimed at supporting the wellbeing and leisure time enjoyment of individuals, groups, teams and the wider community – so do keep checking back as we populate our events calendar.