Friends with Human-Nature – Session 7

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Date(s) - 21/10/2016
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Friends with Human-Nature, Session 7 |  Recovery and Resilience (Volunteer Pilot Group)

Pilot project to develop activities and services suitable for people in recovery and wanting to maintain resilience against stress, depression and anxiety.  Supported by a group of volunteer individuals with therapy and caring skills and experience, we’ll be doing a range of nature and landscape themed activities in a range of locations in and around Keele and Trentham.

We aim to try and make ongoing recovery and maintaining resilience, an enjoyable, nurturing and personal growth experience, providing activities that participants may continue on with into the future as interests and hobbies.

Many thanks to our volunteers who are kindly giving their time, on Friday mornings each week.

This Session:

21st Oct – Heritage Walk – Apedale Country Park |

Showed our volunteer group around Apedale Country Park – some of whom ha never visited before.  Arrived to a nice early morning sunrise, looking over Newcastle and the City of Stoke-on-Trent beyond – with a hot air balloon taking off in the distance.  Popped across the road and over to Silverdale Park (another nice park, reclaimed from historical mining activity).  Back at Apedale we met up with Park Ranger Steve, who kindly showed us the Apedale Wind Generation Centre and how modern day sustainable energy generation (wind and solar), differs to the historical use of the site for coal production – used in coal fired power generation.   Apparently this building is self sufficient in energy and can contribute to the national grid as a mini power station!

Went on to have a good walk around Apedale.  The volunteers were impressed with the far reaching views and the potential of this site for activities like nature conservation.  Finished the walk with a whistle-stop tour of the Apedale Heritage Centre down by the railway attraction – some great local history to ‘take notice’ of in there – gave us a sense of connection to ‘place’, our heritage and where we come from.

4 x 3 hours volunteering = 12 hours.

Delay to the next usual Friday session due to filming of our homepage video.   See video production post:


Next Session:

11th Nov – Natter in Nature – The Burntwood, Loggerheads

Visit to ‘The Burntwood’ woodland park in Loggerheads.  We will also be taking a look at the Community Room facilities at Loggerhead’s Fire Station.