Ceramic Counter Coin – Clay ‘MAKE’ Workshop

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Date(s) - 01/08/2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Want to come and make your own money?

We think volunteers deserve a special kind of reward. So we’re engaging the local Staffordshire volunteer community to ‘MAKE’ their own money – a unique ceramic reward coin called ‘COUNTER COIN’ -which cleverly links to our cultural heritage too!

 Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Culture Coin 4
Photo Image – Stamp trials of the new Stoke (Spode Works), Hanley (Spitfire) and Fenton (Town Hall) coins

Minting Our Own Money |  why a ceramic counter coin?

We think it could be mint – creating a redeemable rewards system, which creates real value for volunteers. A coin that can be used to gain discounts (and sometimes some freebies) at participating retail outlets – like local shops, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas and bowing alleys.

Counter Coin’ is a unique coin reward system which values your volunteering effort.

It’s a fake (i.e. alternative) currency, but one of real value – rewarding real people in our community, people making a realdifference. It’s credit where credit’s due, a reward for those very people in our community prepared to simply ‘#be kind’.


Partners HomeTown Plus, Wavemaker and YMCA North Staffordshire have teamed up with Human-Nature Escapes CIC(local wellbeing social enterprise) and Alex Allday (local ceramics artist) to develop the special clay ceramic coin – as an evolution to the original plastic coin idea.

Supported by funding from UnLtd, we’re inviting local volunteers mint a series of ‘home towns’ (previously designed by community during an earlier workshop) –

Stoke – Newcastle – Burslem – Fenton – Longton – Tunstall – Hanley

Having designed the coins based on DESIGN ideas drawn up by members of the community, we’re now aiming to set up a mini production line to manufacture our first volume batch of ceramic ‘culture’ coins. So if you enjoy playing with clay – come and get your hands dirty – and help us make some money!

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Culture Coin 3

Photo Image – Initial sample clay coins (before drying and firing) – The Burslem (Town Hall Angel) coin


No pevious experience of working with clay is required, just some a basic interest in crafts/making. We’ll show you what to do – just come along, ‘be kind’, give some time and have some fun!  Come along if you’re a regular volunteer, or a member of the local community just willing to lend a hand.

It’s a FREE event at CULTURAL SQUATTERS – the new community cafe, ping-pong parlour, hot-desking space and events venue in the centre of Newcastle!

‘MAKE’ Workshop – 10am to 2pm (but give as much time as you want) – more details on Eventbrite



Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Culture Coin 5

Photo Image – 3 nomination of the Tunstall (Town Square Clock Tower) coin


Check out our website post to find out more the background to Counter Coin Volunteer rewards: http://human-nature.org.uk/ceramic-culture-coin-rewards-be-kind-volunteers/



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