eBook ‘Our Mountains’

eBook | Our Mountains

by Jeremy Cliffe


‘Our Mountains’ | A short story about Faith

‘Our Mountains’ is an extract from a second photographic picture book that I have been writing.  The full book tentatively called ‘Love, Faith, Fantasy and War’ (An Italian Escape), is a possible a follow up book to my first book ‘Everything, Without Everything Within’, which I hope to publish later in 2016 (as a free ebook) to coincide with the formal launch of ‘human-nature escapes cic‘.

This second book was photographed and written within 10 days during a recent holiday to Lake Garde, Italy – somehow the location made easy work of the writing and the photography.  There was however one section that was unwritten (the chapter on ‘Faith’), which I have been carrying around locked away in my head for quite some time.  Strangely, when my Father-in-Law sadly passed away in November, it prompted me to write down what I had been carrying around in my head.

(the ebook extract includes the poem ‘Our Mountains’ also shown below)

Of course ‘faith’ can mean different things to different people.  To some it may feel like something religious, but of course not everyone is religious and there are a lot of people who are not, but that does not necessarily mean that they don’t or can’t have faith.  Faith can perhaps be just an inner strength, a belief or hope, that difficult times will be overcome or things will turn out right in the end.   A sense of faith could come from any number of different sources – perhaps a faith in one’s own abilities, a belief that one’s own problems will become resolved, a trust in the support and kindness of others, or maybe a sense of something bigger than one’s own existence.  Perhaps too our sense of faith can be restored or even be re-enforced by being in certain places, certain buildings, certain surroundings or maybe even just by being out in the landscape and closer to nature?  Perhaps the latter especially works for me?

Our Mountains Poem by Jeremy Cliffe