A Moment’s Notice

‘A Moment’s Notice’ |  Mindful Photography e-Book Project

Life in lockdown and under COVID19 restrictions has been tough for us all, but many have found comfort in taking this time to notice what we ordinarily miss in our busy daily lives.  


Since the pandemic started our ‘Friends with Human-Nature’ (regular participants) have kept in touch, often sharing and inspiring each other with photo images of ‘nature’ or ‘place‘.  

We’d now like to take this opportunity to share some those images with a wider audience, and in turn take a look at the images that have inspired and kept others going over the pandemic period.  We hope to inspire some further sharing and perhaps some new photography, as we progress through lockdown 2 (and beyond)?  Let’s share our mindful photography moment’s and continue to inspire each other. 

Over the next weeks and months ‘A Moment’s Notice’ e-book will be collated as a collaborative anthology of the images that helped get us through the lockdown(s), along with the inspiration and meaning behind those images.

We’re inviting other community groups, existing photography enthusiasts and anyone new, who may become inspired to start taking mindful photography images, to share them with us.  Not only their image, but the story and meaning behind each image – what moved them to notice and capture that particular moment.


The book will be sectioned into a number of #hashtag chapters, exploring a range of photographic themes and techniques.  Potential entries to be considered for this ‘free to read’ e-book, which we’ll start to collate from NOW, can be shared and communicated to us using the relevant hashtags (plus #AMomentsNotice & #NatureFun), on Twitter and Instagram.

We hope to complete this project by the end of March 2021, by which time we should have a whole year’s (4 seasons) worth of images.  So dig out your best, or most mindful shots, or get inspired to take some new ones!

By sharing them over social media, we’ll inspire each other, and hopefully make new friends and have a bit of NatureFun along the way!


You can find more info about the #hashtag chapter themes, and some example images below:

We look forward to reviewing, sharing and collating your mindful photography moments.


Here’s how the e-book is progressing so far:  A Moment’s Notice e-Book (Draft)