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We aim to get people back to work in an efficient and more resilient way – helping not only the employee, but the employer too.  Having valued employees absent for long absence periods is not good for the employer – or the employee.  Our aim is to assist both.

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We’re particular interested in supporting people with mild/mild to moderate stress, depression or anxiety.  Typically participants joining our programme will be off work, (or in jeopardy of going off sick), but still employed and aiming to return to full time work.  They will need to commit to the frequency and duration of the programme, and stick with it.  As anyone who has experienced periods of low mood will know, this may initially be challenging, as there can be a tendency to reflect inwards and lack motivation to change one’s own situation.

To fund our services, we do require payment (including some advance payment), either from the participant themsleves, or directly from their employer – or some form of agreed joint contribution.   Some individuals may also have the option to seek funded support for our services through social prescribing, their trade union, or maybe private healthcare provision.

Participants can self-refer or gain a referral from their employer/occupational health provider or G.P.   Before starting, we’ll normally ask participants to obtain a letter from their G.P., to confirm that in their professional opinion our programme is suitable for the proposed participant and their current condition of health.

Places are limited on both the taster and full programme.  However, any individual, employer, OH provider, or private healthcare provider feeling that this type of service might be of interest to them is welcome to Contact Us to obtain prices and current place availability.

Prior to attending we’ll ask for completion of an Activity Readiness Questionnaire to assess whether all our activities are suitable for the participant at this time.  It’s always advisable to get that advice from the G.P. or Occupational Health Provider.  We also recommend that participants initially attend with a support person (a supportive close friend, family member or colleague) to check the suitability of our activities for them as an individual, and their current wellbeing situation.

Employer & OH Provider Information |  summary of benefits & savings 

Contact Us now if you have employees who are on long term absence with stress, anxiety and depression – and may benefit from our service.  This is an ever growing problem, which of course affects nearly all workplaces.  We’re here to work alongside you, to support your staff as part of a structured phased return to work.  We can help your employee re-establish a daily routine in preparation for getting back to work, and achieve this return in a much smoother and more assured way.


Summary of benefits for employee:

  • Additional support – a complementary or additional service to medication or talking therapies/counselling
  • Avoids waiting – a way to get interim support while on waiting lists for other therapies
  • Re-establishes routine – a daily activity which keeps the body and mind active, reducing rumination and helping people sleep better
  • Teaches resilience – a way to learn the Ways to Wellbeing and new hobbies and interests that can help maintain health resilience beyond the end of the programme
  • More effective – a more efficient way to help employees to prepare for a return to work
  • More enjoyable – a nurturing and enjoyable personal growth experience as a way to recover from the unpleasant symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety

Summary of benefits and savings for employers:

  • More efficient – a more efficient way to positively support and encourage absent employees back into work after emotional wellbeing illness
  • More cost effective – a way to tackle ongoing business costs for stress, depression and anxiety (thought to be 45% of all long term absence costs)
  • Lessens cost – reduces ongoing costs in sick pay, by avoiding employees languishing off sick for long periods without adequate support
  • Reduces risk – helps avoid the possibility of losing a valued employee through job quitting – cost of re-recruiting and re-training are estimated to be around £30k for each exiting individual
  • Avoids waiting – a way to get employees the interim support they need, who might otherwise wait for services through the NHS
  • Good fit – a good fit with employee assistance programme (EAP) concepts
  • More caring – a positive way to re-engage staff after illness.  Efforts to support employee wellbeing in a caring way are proven to enhance levels of employee engagement and productivity
  • Good CSR – A good way to demonstrate effective management of stress in the workplace under ‘duty of care’


Contact Us now if you’d like to know more about our recovery programme.  More information can also be found on our employee information page.