Out There |  our parks and green spaces

Within Staffordshire, we’re blessed with an abundance of green spaces and inner city parks, and surrounded by wonderful countryside in every direction, which we often don’t make best use of.  Green spaces are important to not only our physical wellbeing encouraging us outdoors and to get active, but also our social and mental health too.  They make great meeting places and provide a whole host of activities and amenities, many of which are free to use – we just need to get out there!

Below we share just a few of our favourite local green spaces – we’ll be adding more in due course.   We’ve also included details some of our local sculptures and artworks that you can find in around those green spaces – especially for the art lovers and creative types among you.

We’ll be rating the green spaces on their wellbeing benefit too (using our usual 7 wellbeing icon logos):

e Escapes CIC - Ways to Wellbeing

Plus 3 other aspects including:

Cost Logo   Value (e.g. entry charges/free parking etc).

Upkeep Logo   Upkeep (e.g. litter free/well maintained).

Secure Logo   Secure/Feeling safe (e.g. free from anti-social behaviour).


Each of the 10 aspects will be rated against their wellbeing benefit:

***** = no benefit

***** 2 = low benefit

***** 3 = average benefit

****4 = good benefit

***** 5 = excellent benefit

5 = high wellbeing benefit, giving a total mark out of 50.  We covert the score out of 50 to an overall percentage ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ Score (max 100%).


Which park is special to you?

The parks and spaces we’ve reviewed and rated are listed below – click on photo to read our review.  Let us know about any additional green spaces you know and love.  Tell us why they’re special to you and your wellbeing and we may add them to our list.  Our only request is that they are in and around or easily accessible from the Staffordshire area.

Parks and spaces featured so far include:

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Hanley Park

Hanley Park

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Westport Lake Landscape

Westport Lake

Human-Nature Escapes CIC- Central Forest Park

Central Forest Park

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - The Brampton

The Brampton

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Rudyard Lak

Rudyard Lake

Human-NaturHuman-Nature Escapes CIC - Trentham Gardense Escapes CIC - Trentham Image

Trentham Gardens





Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Silverdale Country Park 1

Silverdale Park

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Apedale Country Park

Apedale Country Park

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Cannock Chase 1

Cannock Chase