Nature Inspired Christmas – Creative Christmas

Nature Inspired Christmas |  Creative Christmas

Creative Christmas |  Be Creative

We’re running two ‘Creative Christmas‘ events on the run up to the Festive Season:

  1. one for the wider public to enjoy as  ‘Christmas Crafternoons’ – creative experience (short course)
  2. a second as a workplace wellbeing ‘Creative Christmas Corporate Challenge’ – creative fund raiser (one day event)

See below for details (prices and venues to be confirmed).


1. Nature Inspired Christmas |  Christmas Crafternoons

As Winter looms and as the dark nights draw in, it becomes harder to spend time outdoors in nature.  So why not invite nature in by crafting your own nature inspired decorations in time for Christmas?

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Creative Christmas 1

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Creative Christmas 2    Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Creative Christmas

Our ‘nature inspired’ Christmas decoration making course, will help you forget those Winter blues.  

Join us for three ‘Christmas Crafternoons’ sessions, using materials and objects found in nature.  We’ll be imprinting nature’s patterns into clay making a range of tasteful ceramic tree (and mantelpiece) decorations – to bring nature closer to home.  We’ll even be throwing a pot or two, guided by our pottery artist Jon.

Don’t be concerned if you think you’re just not creative – with the helping hand of nature, we’ll show you how.  We’ll help you fashion stylish gifts to decorate your home, and help you to make hand-craft presents for friends or family, including:

  • Nature imprinted tree decorations in fired ceramic clay (using leaves, twigs, cones and bark to capture nature’s patterns)
  • Ceramic gift tags, which can be personalised (with recipient name and details)
  • Tea lights, which will let the glow of candles shine through.

We’ll also be spoiling ourselves with a little bit of ‘Hygge’ – simple pleasures the Danes enjoy, to make them feel warm and cosy during the long Winter months.  As well as the good company of like-minded people, we’ll also be enjoy festive hot drinks and seasonal treats (all non-alcoholic of course – so don’t worry anyone driving!).

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Creative Christmas 7

Our Nature Inspired Christmas’ decoration making course will make a lovely early Christmas present.  Perhaps as an ‘escape’ treat for you, or maybe bring along a best friend.  It might even make an early Christmas gift experience idea for someone you always to struggle to buy for, or want something a little bit different.

£tbc for 3 weekend day sessions (2.5 hours each) (dates and venue in the Stoke/Staffordshire area will be confirmed shortly, depending on numbers interested).

Price will includes all materials, hand finishing and firing of clay, plus complementary seasonal refreshment drinks and treats, use of inspiring venue/clay workshop, and guidance from our experienced pottery artist.




2. Nature Inspired Christmas |  Creative Christmas Corporate Challenge

Do you have the most creative staff in the business?   Can you prove that – by going head to head with your colleagues, competitors, supply chain or customers.  A fun challenge Christmas event, that would be a workplace wellbeing reward for staff – whilst at the same time help us to raise much needed funds to support the wellbeing of local carers?  

So here’s our Christmas challenge!

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nature Inspired Christmas 20

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nature Inspired Christmas 21    Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nature Inspired Christmas 25

We’ll be putting 3 teams of 4 people head to head in a friendly and fun (nothing too serious) Christmas themed challenge.  We’re throwing down the gauntlet to test both your creative, business and selling skills.  You’ll need to ‘Be Creative’ to be the winning team that designs and makes the best decorated Corporate Christmas Tree.

Crafted entirely by your own hands, using materials found in nature, the challenge will be to spend a creative ‘escape awayday’ with us.  With plenty of friendly banter, design and make all your own decorations – and even craft your very own tree.  You’ll need to focus time and effort on those decorations that you think you’ll be skilled enough to make – and be clever enough to sell!  Or why not ‘be creative’ and come up with some new ideas of your own?

After crafting your decorations, you’ll pitch your business and commercial skills to decide what price you’ll charge for the decorations you make. Once completed, your fully decorated tree will go on display at a local public venue – to see just how much a commercial success your creative idea bring.

The team that generates the most cash for our CIC from their sales, will naturally be the winner!

£tbc per participant (£tbc per 4 man team) for a whole day creative experience (dates and venue in the Stoke/Staffordshire area to be confirmed and depending on numbers interested.  We may add other days, and more teams subject to interest.


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nature Inspired Christmas 23

During the day we’ll also introduce your team to ‘Nature’s Ways To Wellbeing’ – our unique nature spin on the NHS approved ways to wellbeing – to which we’ve uniquely added the extra ‘Be Creative’.  We think that this is a simple but effective way to encourage wellbeing in the workplace – so your employees learn something new too!

You’ll be provided with natural materials (think twigs, pine cones, natural twine etc, and of course clay), all the tools and equipment needed to make, and necessary supplies to add some extra decoration and sparkel (paint, glue, ribbon, glitter etc).  We’ll be on-hand to with helpful hints and tips, and of course some extra creative inspiration from members of thescapeartists!

Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nature Inspired Christmas 24    Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Nature Inspired Christmas 25

We’ll also provide complementary seasonal refreshment hot drinks, festive treats and of course a few mince pies!  We’ll also provide a big bottle of bubbly to take away for the team that turns up the most creatively and festively dressed for the occasion!  We’ll be looking for more than just donning your favourite Christmas jumper!


Look out for dates being announced shortly on our events calendar.  Contact Us for initial interest and likely prices.