Friends with Human-Nature – Recovery & Resilience

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Date(s) - 27/04/2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Friends with Human-Nature |  recovery and resilience

Taster Sessions |  every Friday

Every Friday morning we’re running Taster Sessions for our therapeutic activities – supporting employees in recovery from stress, depression and anxiety.  These are intended for employees of local Staffordshire organisations, who might currently be off sick, but looking to return to work. Employees aiming to get back to work an efficient and more resilient way – and wanting support in that process.

Supported by a group of our dedicated volunteers and advocates, we’re doing a range of ‘inspired by nature’ green exercise and arts for wellbeing activities.  We’re enjoying the therapeutic benefits of our local Staffordshire landscapes – places like Trentham, Hanchurch and Apedale/Silverdale.

This is not therapy – we let nature do all the talking!  It is however participating in green space activities which support more positive social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our support involves people who are themselves ‘experts by experience’.  A number of our own team have themselves undergone their own recovery journeys.  In this respect we have direct empathy with other people making their own recovery journeys now.


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Experts By Experience |  we’ve been there

We know from our own experience of feeling stuck at home and away from work.  Being sat at home, in all day, just with your own thoughts.  That is in itself a difficult place to be,  and it’s perhaps not the best place to recover.  Getting outdoors, gaining fresh air and exercise, keeping the mind occupied, and having some social contact with others is much more beneficial we think.  We also know how hard it is to make that effort to change one’s own situation, especially when feeling low.

The aim of our support is to encourage wellbeing recovery.  To help you to find your own ways to wellbeing – then maintain your own ongoing health recovery and resilience.  We aim to make this an enjoyable and nurturing experience, one which might even provide new hobbies and interests that you might take forwards into the future – to support your resilience, and perhaps even a more balanced lifestyle.

During the Taster session(s), we’ll introduce our unique ‘ways to wellbeing’.  These combine with the therapeutic power of nature, promote healing and nurture recover – then aim to help you to stay fit, well and resilient.

We’ll be doing relatively simple activities, which keep the body exercised and the mind positively engaged.  Simple things like going for a walk in a local landscape and perhaps being inspired to take a photo or two, or write some poetry.  But there’s never any pressure, participants can just come along for the walk if they want to.  Perhaps initially, just come along just to be in the quiet of the landscape, to take break, and enjoy a sense of escape. Maybe you’ll come back feeling more energised – a little more positive, grounded and balanced.  What might seem small steps are nevertheless important steps forwards towards recovery – and thinking and feeling better.


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What We Do |  taster activities

  • Natter in Nature – a social walk (and chat) through the landscape – Connect
  • Community Gardening – supporting local green spaces to flourish – Give 
  • Therapeutic Photography – a nature/macro photography walk enjoying the change of seasons – Take Notice
  • Nordic Walking – taster session to learn basic Nordic walking technique – Be Active
  • Letterboxing – a creative and problem solving treasure hunt – Keep Learning
  • Poetry in Motion – a creativity walk, finding words to capture local landscapes and heritage in poems – Be Creative 
  • Nature Conservation – join local countryside rangers to support local landscapes and wildlife – Care


Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Seasons Change Monthages 5 Human-Nature Escapes CIC - Seasons Change Monthages 4


Join Us |  making tracks to recovery

We’re particular interested supporting people from North Staffordshire who might be off work with stress/anxiety/depression.  People aiming to return to work.

To fund our taster services, we would seek a donation for attendance for initial sessions, either from the participant, or directly from their employer, as recognition for our efforts to to help employees ‘return to work’ more efficiently and more resiliently.  Longer term support would be chargeable to the employer (or partly by participant/partly by employer as a shared contribution).

Our aim is to help rebuild self-esteem and rediscover self-confidence, whilst providing new skills, interests and hobbies which will help workers say fit, well and resilient.  We hope that participants will continue to enjoy our activities, way beyond their return to work, helping their ongoing resilience and safeguard against future relapse.

Places are limited on the Taster Programme, but anyone feeling that this may be of benefit to them is welcome to Contact Us to check current place availability.


Preparing to Join Us |  readiness

Prior to attending we’ll ask for completion of an Activity Readiness Questionnaire to assess whether our activities are suitable for the participant at this time.  It’s always advisable to get advice from a GP or Occupational Health Provider.  We’d also recommend that participants initially attend with a support person (a close friend, or family member) to check the suitability of our activities for them as an individual, and their current wellbeing situation.

Employers & OH Providers |  supporting employees 

Contact Us now if you have employees who are on long term absence with stress, anxiety and depression – and may benefit from our service.  This is an ever increasing problem, which affects nearly all workplaces.  We’re here to work alongside you, to support your staff as part of a phased return to work.  We can help employees re-establish a daily routine in preparation for getting back to work and achieve this return in a much smoother and more assured way.