Human-Nature Escapes CIC |  inspired by nature

Human-Nature Escapes is a ‘profit for purpose’ social enterprise.

As the name suggests we connect people to nature as a means to ‘escape’ – inspiring a sense of wellbeing.

We provide the key to ‘Nature’s Ways to Wellbeing’, unlocking ways to improve work-life balance and promote positive health.  We help people ‘think better’ and ‘feel better’  using our unique wellbeing formula:

art + landscape + nature + green exercise = wellbeing

By leading ‘green exercise’ activities and ‘art’ experiences throughout Staffordshire’s finest landscapes, we deliver:

  • Workplace Wellbeing and team building events – for business
  • Health Creation green exercise and art experiences – for community
  • Recovery and Resilience from stress, depression and anxiety – for individuals

We’re also positioning ourselves as a UK leader in the design of nature based interventions for positive social, physical and emotional wellbieng.


Click images below to find out more about our services and activities – and thanks for showing yourHumanNature‘!

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Our innovative and unique approach, helps us to do our bit to tackle the UK crisis of poor work-life balance, physical inactivity, mental health and social isolation – so reducing pressure on the NHS.

We believe happiness and wellbeing doesn’t come from material possessions, or by continually experiencing life through the virtual world of screens and technology – these ‘things’ only provide temporary satisfaction.  We help people ‘escape’ to the real world – bringing family, friends and community together to experience the gifts of nature.  By creatively engaging people with the landscape, those experiences are far more happiness and health creating – and often turn into new hobbies, interests and wellness habits which are much longer lasting.

There’s now massive evidence supporting ‘nature’ for positive ‘human’ wellbeing and ill-heath prevention.  We’re living proof that this really does work – what more evidence to you need?


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Please look around our website and find out how your wellbeing can be ‘inspired by nature’.

Check out our Events Calendar for the latest events, activities and experiences, all geared to improve your wellbeing and health resilience – or just for ‘pleisure’ (leisure and enjoyment).


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